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    How do we calculate the velocity and pressure of fluid in pipe and pressure?

    release time2018-04-18viewed2017
     Fluid tube is a relatively flowing liquid, which flows freely in various fluid pipes, and has its own velocity and pressure. The common flow rate and all kinds of pressure are to be calculated. As the fluid tube industry continues to develop and change, the fluid tube has become a universal pipe. Many of the fluid pipes are being used, and become the main types of pipe industry. How do we calculate the velocity and pressure of fluid in pipe?
    Fluid pipe
    It can be calculated by the calculation formula.
    Per hour flow formula:
    "=3600" area of the pipe flow velocity
    The area of =3.14 "(radius) or 2 =0.785 (radius) pipe area" 2
    The median flow volume is 3/ m, the flow rate is m / sec, the radius or the diameter is the meter, and the 3600 is the number of seconds in 1 hours. Because the area (meter 2) of the flow rate (meter / second) results in a meter of 3/ seconds, refers to the flow of 1 seconds, so, when the volume of 1 hours of flow meters 3/, the number of 3600.
    For example, the flow rate of a Dg100 pipe is 1 meters per second, and the flow rate is 1.
    "=3600" tube area solution flow velocity. The first is the diameter of the pipe conversion meters, area = 2 meters.
    Then the flow of "0.00785" =3600 1=28.3 m 3/, type not only apply to water, is also suitable for other liquids or gases. If the pipe flow is water, the number of water that is 3/ meters is calculated. If the stream is steam, it is the steam of 3/.
    Flow can also be represented by weight. Because the water of 1 meters and 3 is just 1 tons, so we say that the flow rate of 1 meters 3/ is 1 tons / hour. Example 1, if the water pipe is said to be 28.3 tons per hour. But if you say the steam pipe, you can't say 1 m 3/ as 1 tons / time, because 1 cubic meters of steam are only a few kilograms, and the weight of the steam varies with its pressure. For example, the pressure is 10 kg / cm 2 steam, and the weight of the steam is only 3.5 kg per cubic meter, and the steam flow of 1 m 3/ is only 5.5 kg / h. Therefore, if 3/ is 28.3 meters, the steam flow, it should be said in 28.3 "5.5=156 / kg.
    The above calculation methods and methods are for reference only. You can calculate the relevant values based on this method.

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